How can you make your networking more effective?

Do you really need an 'elevator' pitch?

What is the best response to the question 'What do you do?'

How should you follow up with someone you've met at a networking event?

What is the best way of approaching a group of people at a networking event?


We regularly run seminars on improving your networking skills.  Whilst we don't believe there are absolute right answers to the above questions, there are certain "dos" and "dont's" which are explored during our interactive sessions, together with any specific issues raised by attendees.  


Our sessions last an hour and a half, and are limited to 8 attendees to ensure that everyone gets significant personal attention.  Our next training event is on 22nd November 2018 at 4pm in London, and the cost is £50 payable in advance.  For further information and to make a booking, please email